About our Apprenticeship Program

Each summer, DIG eagerly welcomes a new group of rising professionals to experience 9 weeks of work-based learning and individualized coaching that will help prepare them to take the first steps into their career. By participating fully in the daily activities of a department while learning about leadership with their peers, apprentices will have the opportunity to acquire the foundational knowledge and skills they need to be successful within their desired career field.

Get paid to learn

Hold a full-time paid position while learning on-the-job from a mentor.

Gain insights

Have candid discussions with company leaders about their passions, successes, and failures.

Grow as a leader

Explore how to lead yourself and lead others with your apprentice group.

Serve others

Connect with our community through a group service project.

Engage our culture

Experience what makes DIG a Great Place To Work!

What makes you a great fit?

  • You’re a people person. You value authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability, and seek to bring your full self into all that you do, modeling the way you desire to be treated through how you love others.
  • You love learning!  You are creative and curious and demonstrate a clear drive to grow.  You approach new ways of doing and thinking courageously and thrive on feedback.
  • You are grounded in confident humility. You know who you are and have a clear sense of your talents, skills, and abilities.
  • You work diligently.  Although the world around you may be moving quickly, you are able to stay focused and manage your time, energy, and attention effectively to consistently achieve great outcomes.