DIG Wellness Center

The DIG Wellness Center is an onsite clinic and fitness center for DIG employees and immediate family members (spouse and dependent children ages 15 and older). It has a Nurse Practitioner and a Director of Wellness on staff, as well as a 24/7 fitness center. The DIG Wellness Center strives to promote health and overall wellness, which means helping you find balance in every area of life, including nutrition, physical fitness, mental fitness, and spiritual fitness.


Enrich your mind with activities from book studies to leadership and mentoring programs.


Improve your body’s overall wellness through nutrition and physical fitness in the workout facility.


Nurture your soul by being part of a Christian environment, joining the prayer group, and giving to charity.


Jennifer Flores

I aim to empower others to live a healthy lifestyle, prevent diseases, and achieve their wellness goals.

Jennifer Flores

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Fitness classes

All classes are subject to change depending on participation.